Board of Directors

Dr. Ghulam Shawkat Hossain

Mr. Hossain has vast expertise in the fields of financial service and health arena has made him a valuable contributor and a charismatic leader. He has proven track record in consulting firms, as strategic consultant, advising top management on investment strategy, operational strategy, funding and administration. He is widely reputed for crafting vital strategic vision to achieve business goals.

Mr. Hossain is a physician with multi dimensional work experiences in medical, sports and business. After completing MBBS from Mymensingh Medical College & Hospital, he migrates to USA and started worked there. Most of his work experiences are based on research and consultancy base.

In his professional life he worked in different geographical location like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Malaysia, Germany, France & USA. Mr. Hossain also wrote different articles in association with WHO, NIPSOM and Harvard University. he is worked on HRM and Occupational & Industrial Health Science among the RMG workers elaborately on the significance of the May Day; Planned Family life, Family Planning, Health care, Personal savings, Hygiene & Cleanliness and Food habits; Day care center, Children Education, Roles in disaster management as well as Knowledge on industrial lighting, fire management, humidity, space allocation, ventilation, drinking water, sanitation & cafeteria.


Mr. Ehsanul Kabir,
Managing Director & CEO

After completing the MBA in Finance from University of Dhaka, Mr. Kabir joined in Eastern Bank Limited (EBL), a third generation leading private commercial bank in the country. As recognition to his contribution towards the bank, Mr. Kabir was awarded the best employee award of EBL in 2007.

In 2008, he joined as Research Associate in a second generation AMC formed by international veteran and local leading businessmen. With strong analytical knowledge base, he soon became promoted to Head of Research. He took a leading role in successful completion of Tk. 200.00 crores of Subordinated Bonds for a leading private commercial bank. He also successfully led IT team to build customized software package- a complete solution on portfolio construction, performance tracking and risk management.

In October 2011, Mr. Kabir joined Cosmopolitan Finance Limited (CFL), the merchant banking wing of Summit Group as the Head of Corporate Finance. During his tenure, he designed numerous Structured Financial Products such as Bonds, Private Equity, Mezzanine Capital, Zero Coupon Bond customized for leading local companies. He led the team to successful commencement of Merchant Banking operation in April 2012. He took a pioneer role in executing the JV with leading software company, Leads Corporation Ltd to develop a state of art 2nd generation analytical MB software, Capita. He was instrumental in IPO closure of “Summit Purbanchol Power Company Limited”, having an Issue Size of Tk. 120 Crore.

Before joining Strategic Equity Management Ltd. (SEML), Mr. Kabir took the charge of Cosmopolitan Traders (Pvt) Limited (CTPL), the Brokerage Wing of Summit Group in May 2014. He successfully inaugurated the operation of CTPL. In less than a year, the Asset Under Management (AUM) of CTPL crossed over Tk. 50.00 cr. with no of total customers exceed 500 marks.